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This VCS so profoundly doesn't work on my machine that it manages to segfault in a language that's supposed to make segfaults impossible.
Presumably the segfault came from C code FFId with `unsafe` preconditions that weren't met, but still, that's just amazing.
-You can't be better than Git if you don't work on the platforms I personally have convenient access to.
+*Update 2021-02-24*: One of the Pijul authors reached out to me to help debug things.
+Apparently [`mmap` on WSL is just broken](https://github.com/microsoft/WSL/issues/658), which explains the segfault.
+They also pointed me towards [the state of the art in getting Pijul to work on Windows](https://nest.pijul.com/pijul/pijul/discussions/140#57f9eead-915f-45c1-a169-a5bd417d9213), which I confirmed worked locally and then [set up automated Windows builds using GitHub Actions](https://github.com/boringcactus/pijul-windows-builds).
+So if we have a working Pijul install, let's see if we can add that CI setup to the manual:
+PS D:\Melody\Projects\misc> pijul clone https://nest.pijul.com/pijul/manual pijul-manual
+✓ Updating remote changelist
+✓ Applying changes 47/47
+✓ Downloading changes 47/47
+✓ Outputting repository
+Hey, that actually works!
+We can throw in some text to the installation page (and more text to the getting started page) and then use `pijul record` to commit our changes.
+That pulls up *Notepad* as the default text editor, which fails to spark joy, but that's a papercut that's entirely understandable for alpha software not primarily developed on this OS.
+Instead of having "issues" and "pull requests" as two disjoint things, the Pijul Nest lets you add changes to any discussion, which I very much like.
+Once we've recorded our change and made a discussion on the repository, we can `pijul push boringcactus@nest.pijul.com:pijul/manual --to-channel :34` and it'll attach the change we just made to [discussion #34](https://nest.pijul.com/pijul/manual/discussions/34).
+(It appears to be having trouble finding my SSH keys or persisting known SSH hosts, which means I have to re-accept the fingerprint and re-enter my Nest password every time, but that's not the end of the world.)
+So yeah, Pijul definitely still isn't production-ready, but it shows some real promise. That said, you can't be better than Git if you aren't production-ready.
(Although you can totally be better than Git by having your own officially-blessed GitHub clone sorted out already.)
-(And in fairness, this *is* pretty clearly labeled as still in alpha, so maybe as Pijul matures it'll get more reliable and be worth reevaluating.)
+(And maybe, with time, you can be eventually better than Git.)
## what next?