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for fuck's sake bro
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+title: I'm tired of this anti-Rust horseshit
+What do anti-vaxxers, flat earthers, 9/11 truthers, and anti-Rust activism
+all have in common? All of them are characterized by a blithe rejection of facts
+to embrace a narrative of victimization by a vague authority. In the case of
+Rust, the "vague authority" are a bunch of volunteers who have devoted tens
+of thousands of hours of their free time towards making free shit for you.
+"Rust sucks!" is a conspiracy theory with no basis in truth, and its
+supporters have spent years harassing Rust maintainers, contributors, and
+users. And it's time for it to fucking stop.
+Maybe Rust doesn't work for your precious use-case. More likely, it *does*
+work, and you swallowed some propaganda based on an assumption which might have
+been correct 7 years ago. Regardless, I simply don't give a shit about you
+anymore. I've tried appealing to reason and rationally debunking each lie that
+some Rust detractor flavor-of-the-week is touting to tow the party line, but
+it didn't work. So my new approach is "fuck you". None of the Rust detractors
+have a clue. They don't understand Rust, they don't understand C, they
+don't understand memory safety or types or borrow checking or anything else in the
+stack. They don't even understand what it's like to use Rust, because at most
+they might have spent 5 minutes installing it, realized that something was
+&mdash; gasp &mdash; *different* than C, and then uninstalled it and wrote
+their angry Reddit comment.
+It has a real cost, you know, being a dick to maintainers. It's not good for our
+mental health. We're out here trying to make things better. Rust fixes
+unfixable problems with C, and might have invented some new, fixable problems
+in the process &mdash; most of which have been fucking fixed already, and years
+ago! We've sacrificed our spare time to build this for you for free. If you turn
+around and harass us based on some utterly nonsensical conspiracy theories,
+then you're a fucking asshole.
+If you really want to live in your propagandized world of Rust lies, then
+fine. You're gonna maintain the C-based pyca/cryptography yourself, because we're not going to volunteer
+our time, sacrifice our weekends and evenings staying up late for your sake,
+just to maintain that broken pile of shit. You know what, if you fork it and
+prove that you know what you're doing for a while, we'd probably just give you
+the keys to upstream so you can maintain it yourself. If you do know what you're
+doing, though, you'll soon realize you want nothing to do with that shitty
+Rust works for almost everyone, and works for *more* people than is even
+possible with C. Most of the lies you've heard about ways that it's broken are
+just that: lies. And if you insist on living in that fantasy, then keep it to
+yourself, asshole.
+(Without apologies to Drew DeVault.)