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+# PolyForm Noncommercial License 1.0.0
+## Acceptance
+In order to get any license under these terms, you must agree
+to them as both strict obligations and conditions to all
+your licenses.
+## Copyright License
+The licensor grants you a copyright license for the
+software to do everything you might do with the software
+that would otherwise infringe the licensor's copyright
+in it for any permitted purpose. However, you may
+only distribute the software according to [Distribution
+License](#distribution-license) and make changes or new works
+based on the software according to [Changes and New Works
+## Distribution License
+The licensor grants you an additional copyright license
+to distribute copies of the software. Your license
+to distribute covers distributing the software with
+changes and new works permitted by [Changes and New Works
+## Notices
+You must ensure that anyone who gets a copy of any part of
+the software from you also gets a copy of these terms or the
+URL for them above, as well as copies of any plain-text lines
+beginning with `Required Notice:` that the licensor provided
+with the software. For example:
+> Required Notice: Copyright Yoyodyne, Inc. (http://example.com)
+## Changes and New Works License
+The licensor grants you an additional copyright license to
+make changes and new works based on the software for any
+permitted purpose.
+## Patent License
+The licensor grants you a patent license for the software that
+covers patent claims the licensor can license, or becomes able
+to license, that you would infringe by using the software.
+## Noncommercial Purposes
+Any noncommercial purpose is a permitted purpose.
+## Personal Uses
+Personal use for research, experiment, and testing for
+the benefit of public knowledge, personal study, private
+entertainment, hobby projects, amateur pursuits, or religious
+observance, without any anticipated commercial application,
+is use for a permitted purpose.
+## Noncommercial Organizations
+Use by any charitable organization, educational institution,
+public research organization, public safety or health
+organization, environmental protection organization,
+or government institution is use for a permitted purpose
+regardless of the source of funding or obligations resulting
+from the funding.
+## Fair Use
+You may have "fair use" rights for the software under the
+law. These terms do not limit them.
+## No Other Rights
+These terms do not allow you to sublicense or transfer any of
+your licenses to anyone else, or prevent the licensor from
+granting licenses to anyone else. These terms do not imply
+any other licenses.
+## Patent Defense
+If you make any written claim that the software infringes or
+contributes to infringement of any patent, your patent license
+for the software granted under these terms ends immediately. If
+your company makes such a claim, your patent license ends
+immediately for work on behalf of your company.
+## Violations
+The first time you are notified in writing that you have
+violated any of these terms, or done anything with the software
+not covered by your licenses, your licenses can nonetheless
+continue if you come into full compliance with these terms,
+and take practical steps to correct past violations, within
+32 days of receiving notice. Otherwise, all your licenses
+end immediately.
+## No Liability
+***As far as the law allows, the software comes as is, without
+any warranty or condition, and the licensor will not be liable
+to you for any damages arising out of these terms or the use
+or nature of the software, under any kind of legal claim.***
+## Definitions
+The **licensor** is the individual or entity offering these
+terms, and the **software** is the software the licensor makes
+available under these terms.
+**You** refers to the individual or entity agreeing to these
+**Your company** is any legal entity, sole proprietorship,
+or other kind of organization that you work for, plus all
+organizations that have control over, are under the control of,
+or are under common control with that organization. **Control**
+means ownership of substantially all the assets of an entity,
+or the power to direct its management and policies by vote,
+contract, or otherwise. Control can be direct or indirect.
+**Your licenses** are all the licenses granted to you for the
+software under these terms.
+**Use** means anything you do with the software requiring one
+of your licenses.