the Hope system

Hope is a Rust framework (and maybe someday an operating system) for implementing node graph based computing with the actor model.

why Rust?

well, originally, i was going to write it in Python, because Tkinter is way better than anything Rust has. but unfortunately, Python doesn't actually support multithreading, which for a project like this is a dealbreaker.

why node graphs?

they're way better for discoverability than code-as-text.

why actor model?

it's a really intuitive way of implementing node graphs, and it allows for really simple concurrent programming.

why any of this?

i hate the way programming works right now, and i would like to change it.

why call it Hope?

there's an OS development project called SerenityOS that is named after a personal state which its creator wished to reach and maintain. i would like to have hope, and it would be nice if building Hope helped me find hope.

wait who are you again

i am boringcactus.

is this ever gonna take off

statistically, it's almost certain that i won't even finish it. and if i do, it probably will not.

but there's a chance.

what's the license

the Hope system is released under the terms of the Anti-Capitalist Software License v1.4. if you would like to use this under another license, contact me.

what's the version history

the Hope system uses Pedantic Versioning: every new release is a new major version.


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